Roca Labs Day 1

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Weight-loss

I ordered the Roca Labs™ Formula on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, and received it in just three days on the following Friday morning. I was off that day and was very excited to get started.

I weighed in that morning at 289 pounds.

Prior to receiving the formula I had read all of the instructions via the Web site. I did realize that this would take a solid commitment time wise as well as using it as directed.

My understanding was that the formula would fill my stomach 80% and would stay that way up to 16 hours, when used as directed – which meant drinking a lot of water throughout the day which keeps it activated. This in turn would either greatly curb or eliminate my appetite, helping me to eat considerably less. Plus, with only 20% of my stomach available, I should get full with much less food. Hoorah! In essence it gives the effect of a gastric bypass without the surgery.

I read that when mixed you can either wait three minutes as it thickens like Jello, in which you eat with a spoon. Or, you can mix it and down it immediately and let it thicken in your stomach. I choose the later.

I mixed it as directed in the provided shaker with added flavoring (its basically flavorless on its own). I downed the formula, which had the consistency of a milkshake, and as expected it filled my stomach and I quickly felt like I ate a cow. It wasn’t overstuffed, but sure was full. I then downed three 8 oz. glasses of water as directed – now I felt really full. The full feeling lasted only about 15 minutes, and then I felt back to normal.

A few hours later for lunch I ate a few Triscuit crackers with hummus and was full quickly. Hoorah! I hiked a few miles after lunch for exercise. In mid-afternoon I drank a protein shake. For dinner I cooked egg substitute with fresh spinach, and put hummus on it. Of course, I drank the designated amount of water throughout the day. This meant that I used the bathroom a great deal, but is a small price to pay. All in all, I felt satisfied throughout the day. It did not, however, completely alleviate my hunger. I had read in their instructions that some people may need to increase the dosage by one half to doubling it, which I was keeping in consideration. The goal is to slowly shrink the stomach down and realized that getting there may take some experimenting on my part.

End of day 1.

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